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Cutural Heritage and Digital Archiving Solutions for the Mena Region.

Camera Systems

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DT Rcam | Reprographic System

The DT RCam is a versatile reproduction camera designed to work with a wide variety of digital backs to make certain you can utilize the best back for each particular project.

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Digital Backs

This is the heart. We use the highest grade digital backs for our imaging systems. We have partner with Phase One and Mamiya Leaf to bring the best quality with the highest resolution to our systems and to you. You won’t find a better quality image producer anywhere.

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XF Camera System

The new XF Camera System is a fundamental re-design of all core elements in a modern camera system, including lenses, imaging sensors, mechanics, electronics, autofocus system, software and controls. Using full-frame Medium Format sensors 2.5 times larger than the ones found in high-end DSLRs, XF delivers a powerful combination of the highest possible resolution together with large, high dynamic range pixels with exceptional wide angular response.

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DT Rcam | Multispectra Edition

The DT Multispectra functions as an extension of the DT RCam, using the same software, workflows, and accessories, meaning that institutions do not have to invest in a single-purpose solution to include multispectral imaging in their toolkit. Every object being imaged can be captured in up to three spectral bands (e.g. visible-only, IR, UV).

Accurate & High Quality Film Scanning

Case Study: Preserving material at The Morgan Library in New York.

DT BC100 Book Scanner Features

Case Study: Preserving fragile cultural heritage at University of Manchester

Cultural Heritage Photography 1/2

Cultural Heritage Photography 2/2

Phase One Cultural Heritage Guide
Download the Phase One Cultural Heritage Solutions Guide