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Cutural Heritage and Digital Archiving Solutions for the Mena Region.

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The DT Atom

Small. Light. FADGI 4 Ready. The DT Atom is a table top digitization platform that is completely modular to adapt to any material type. DTDCH products are completely modular and the DT Atom is no exception, with most of its adaptability owed to its removable table top. We call the DT Atom the building block of digitization, simply swap out the standard reflective top for our transmissive top or Film Scanning Kit top allowing you to go from scanning loose material or books to film and more.

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Book Scanning

Using the reflective standard table top with a book wedge allows bound material up to 14″ x 21″
The fastest scanning at the highest resolution
Quickly swap the book wedge for the Linhof book cradle for even smoother scanning
Up to 6000 PPI

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Film & More

The DT Atom excels at scanning transmissive material.
The DT Photon LED